Thatch Roof Repairs Thatch roof repairs. How much are they? How much is maintenance? How long do they last?! So many questions, and so many answers from the Roofer-in Group ;)

Corrugated Roofing Our page on corrugated roofing. Find out more by reading!

Guttering Repairs Nottingham service

This is a link to our guttering repairs Nottingham service.

Costs Involved In A Roof Replacement

Do you know? There's loads of costs involved in a roof replacement and in this article we breakdown some of the key costs, what should be on your quotation and what should DEFINITELY be on your quotation... If you're getting a new roof, definitely give this a read...

the Roofer-In Website - Great information about roofs and local services

Have a look through our website for great information on roofing in Nottingham and other areas in the East Midlands. We go through things all sorts of things like roof replacement costs, roof repair costs, what to look out for in a quotation, detailed information about problems to look out for in your roof and what to do until we arrive and more! Here's a link to the site: Thanks!